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The Braves kick off the 2023 season against the Atlantic City Vikings. On the Braves offense quarterback Aiden Davidson threw for 91 yards and 1 touchdown. Zach Zerbe and Roneem Thomas each ran for around 20 yards. Kysheem Prunty had 30 yards receiving and 1 touchdown. Jordan Foley had 44 receiving yards. On defense, the Braves held strong until the 4th quarter. Alex Hollimon and Roneem Thomas had 12 tackles each. Unfortunately, the Braves lost their first game 28-7. On to the first away game!


The Braves go on the road for their first away game to take on the Dragons. On offense quarterback Aiden Davidson had 11 completions for 144 yards. Jordan Foley had 43 receiving yards and Harold Hill 51 receiving yards. On defense Alex Hollimon had 11 tackles and 1 forced fumble. Joseph Hatefi recovered the fumble. The Dragons were too much for the Braves and they lost 28-0.

The Braves return home this week to take on the Thunderbolts. On offense, Aiden Davidson had 14 completions for 159 yards and 1 touchdown. Jordan Foley had 4 receptions for 74 yards and 1 touchdown. And Harold Hill had 3 kick returns for 162 yards and 1 touchdown. On defense, Roneem Thomas had 15 tackles and 1 interception. Zach Zerbe had 1 interception, and Jaxon Colbert had a fumble recovery. The Braves held strong till the 4th quarter, but Millville proved to be too tough to beat, Thunderbolts win 26-12. 


The Braves go back on the road to face off against Lenape. On offense, Aiden Davidson threw 7 completions for 101 yards completed 1 touchdown and ran for 31 yards. Zach Zerbe rushed for 60 yards and had 50 yards receiving with 1 touchdown. On defense, Alex Hollimon had 1 fumble recovery for a touchdown. The Braves played a tough game but lost in the last 10 seconds. Lenape wins 17-14.


The Braves return for homecoming to take on their rivals Washington Township for the Jefferson Cup. Harold Hill started the game with a 96 yard kick return which led to a touchdown. He had 2 returns for a total of 144 yards. Zach Zerbe rushed for a total of 49 yards and scored 1 touchdown. On defense, Jaxon Colbert had 12 tackles, Alex Hollimon had 14 tackles, and Roneem Thomas had 13 tackles. Raymond Wade had 1 interception and Nolan Lloyd had a fumble recovery. The Braves played a tough game but the Jefferson Cup stays with Township with a score 19-12.


The Braves went back on the road to take on the Cherokee Chiefs in which the offense had a very rough time. On defense, Zach Zerbe had 16 tackles, Roneem Thomas had 12 tackles, and Alex Hollimon had 11 tackles. The defense was on the field for most of the game trying their best the Chiefs win the game 34-0.


The Braves back at home take on the Prep. On offense, Aiden Davidson threw for 68 yards and 1 touchdown, he also rushed for 17 yards. Zach Zerbe rushed for 39 yards, and Kysheem Prunty had a 44 yard touchdown catch. Roneem Thomas had 36 yards receiving and Jordan Kennedy had 28 yards receiving. On defense, Roneem Thomas had 13 tackles and Zach Zerbe had 10 tackles. The Braves held strong for the first half of the game keeping the score manageable, but the Prep stepped up and won 37-6.


The Braves were at their last home game for senior night going against Timber Creek Chargers. On offense, Zach Zerbe had 49 rushing yards and 1 touchdown, Harold Hill rushed for 18 yards and had 25 yards receiving. Raymond Wade also had 25 receiving yards. On defense, Jordan Gravener had 11 tackles, Raneem Thomas had 13 tackles, Alex Hollimon had 11 tackles, and Jaxon Colbert had 10 tackles. The Braves held strong on defense but struggled to score on offense. Timber Creek wins 20 to 6. 


The Braves hit the road for their final game of the season to take on Shawnee. On offense, Ke'Shawn Nixon rushed for 46 yards, Jaxon Colbert rushed for 30 yards, and Harold Hill had 19 receiving yards. On defense, Alex Hollimon had 9 tackles, Raneem Thomas had 8 tackles, and Peyton Rhoda scooped and scored a touchdown for the only points scored by the Braves. Shawnee wins 42-7 here's to a better season next year.

Varsity Games

 8/30 SENECA  7:00PM 



9/6 @ SHAWNEE 6:00PM



9/13 WINSLOW TWP 7:00 PM



9/20 TIMBER CREEK  7:00 PM



9/27 @ TWP 6:00 PM



10-4  RV  7:00 PM



10/10 @ CHEROKEE 6:00 PM



10/18 @ DELSEA 7:00 PM



10/25 KINGSWAY 7:00 PM



k dragons.jpg
IMG_1649 (Edited).PNG

JV Games

JV Games TBA

k dragons.jpg
IMG_1649 (Edited).PNG


8/28 @ AC  7:00PM 

         22-0 AC


9/2 KINGSWAY 10:00AM

         28-0 Kingsway


9/11 @ MILLVILLE 4:00 PM



9/18  LENAPE  4:00 PM

             15-14 Lenape


9/26 @ TWP 4:00 PM

              0-0 Tie


10/2 CHEROKEE 4:00 PM

            8-6 Cherokee


10/9 @ PREP 4:00 PM

           35-0 Prep


10/16 @ TIMBER CREEK 4:00 PM

            26-0 Timber Creek


10/23  SHAWNEE 4:00 PM


Frosh Games

k dragons.jpg
IMG_1649 (Edited).PNG



8/31   KINGSWAY 4:00PM

                6-0 Braves


9/7 @ MILLVILLE 4:00 PM



9/13  LENAPE  4:00 PM

             12-6 Lenape


9/21 @  TWP 4:00 PM

            7-6 TWP


9/28  CHEROKEE 4:00 PM

           24-20 Braves


10/5 @ PREP 4:00 PM

              38-0 Prep


10/12 @ TIMBER CREEK 4:00 PM

             13-0 Braves


10/19 SHAWNEE 4:00 PM

          21-6 Shawnee

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